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When you are facing life changes, turn to the Tarot. I am Wendy Vonne. 

I provide information through Tarot readings in 

Southeastern Arizona.

I am also available for virtual readings via Zoom or telephone.


A tarot reading can help you become more aware of the choices you face and your attitude to these changes. Tarot is a tool that can give us access to our intuition and inner wisdom. There are 78 cards filled with imagery and deep symbology that help us make conscious or subconscious life decisions.

Tarot has helped me enjoy life to its fullest. I use the cards as a tool — like a map or a compass — for self-understanding and making choices that could change a situation toward a more positive outcome.

Let Tarot be your compass
Trust Tarot to guide you through life's crossroads

“The tarot deck carries an extraordinary ability to mirror who you are and also provide an immediate access to your deeper self regardless whether you call this your intuition, inner guide, divine messenger or guardian angel.”

- Sarah Barlett, 2021

A tarot reading is a window into your life and the forces that are influencing you at a specific point of time. You must keep in mind that things will change. Heraclitus said, "You cannot step into the same river twice, for other waters are continually flowing on." For this reason, a querent should not ask the same question in a tarot reading within 30 days.

Let Tarot bring you peace and clarity


Psychic Tarot Reader

I am a professional tarot reader. My readings involve a certain type of intuition that some have defined as "clairsentience," the ability to sense others' emotions, energy, or physical sensations. I am also described as being "claircognizant," meaning that I can sometimes know something without knowing how I gained the knowledge.

The cards are a tool that help a querent bring the unconscious impulses and reactions to the surface of the mind. I intend to be sensitive and caring when delivering messages. I believe in telling querents what they need to hear rather than what they may want to hear. My psychic senses and spirit guides help me provide insightful readings.


“Wendy demonstrated a natural, insightful, and considered power to read tarot at a very high level. Her understanding of the cards to highlight and resolve complicated situations was both straightforward and relevant. I personally found her ability to read cards for family situations, using reversed cards and court cards with ease, to show an oracular talent which will benefit all her clients."

- Marcus Katz-

#1 Selling and Award-winning author of Tarosophy, “Secrets of the Thoth Tarot” and co-author of Tali Goodwin for “Around the Tarot in 78 Days & Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot” (United Kingdom)

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